How to hide an information source in the news app on an iPhone or iPad

The news app on the iPhone and iPad includes a large number of publications, some of which are of great interest and some not, depending on your tastes. If this is a bit annoying, then we'll show you how to configure the news app to hide or block a particular news feed.

Luckily it's very easy to tweak the news application on iOS to block or hide a news feed, so if you're tired of seeing information from a particular source, you can hide it and clean your feed from the News app.

How to hide an information source in the news app on an iPhone or iPad

  • Open the "News" application and go to "For you", "Explore" or "Search"
  • Locate the news feed you want to hide or block
  • Tap the share icon for the specific article / source, it looks like a square with an arrow protruding and pointing upwards

Scroll through the options and choose "Mute Channel"

  • Repeat the process with other news sources you want to hide and delete as needed

This offers a way to clean and tweak app news, moderating the feed a bit to better suit your preferences, and makes it easy to hide some of the news sources that are in the app.

The news app is now integrated into iOS and appears on the lock screen widgets.

It is worth noting that you can also remove headlines news Spotlight search screen in iOS or completely remove the application only news now you can easily remove the default apps on an iPhone or iPad.
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