How to make the most recent posts appear in the iOS mail app first

In the most recent versions of the iOS mail application, the mail threading behavior was improved, so that the oldest message appears at the top of the screen. This chronological order means you have to scroll down to view the most recent messages you've received email on an iPhone or iPad, which is fine for some users email but the setting is not entirely suitable for others. So, we'll teach you through a brief tutorial how to see the most recent messages in the inbox of the iOS mail app first.

If you prefer the email list to appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent messages showing at the top, you can activate a configuration switch on iOS to achieve that result.

How to make the most recent posts appear in the iOS mail app first

  • Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone or iPad and go to "Mail"
  • Look in the Threading section (it depends on the language you have on your device), find the "Latest message at the top" switch and move it to the on position

  • Exit the settings app and return to the mail application to see the new chronological order of appearance of your messages. You will now notice that the most recent messages are displayed at the top of the thread.

In case you have made the adjustment to change the way your e-mail is displayed and you decide that you do not like it, you can easily reverse the change at any time by moving to the off position the " top".
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