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Monday, 19 December 2016

How to perform a tapback response in the Mac Message app

Tapback responses offer a quick way to respond to any message through a small popup menu that offers different quick response options (expressions). This function is in the messages application for iOS is also one of the few features of effect of posts available in the app for Mac.

The tapback responses available today are a heart, a thumb up, a thumb down, a "Ha Ha", "!", And "?". You can use a tapback response per message at a time, but you can also change it by choosing a different expression (icon). The tapback icons on Mac are the same as those found on iOS and if you send an expression from a Mac, it will be visible on the iPhone and vice versa.

How to use tapback icons on Mac OS

The feature of responding to messages via tapback on Mac is very similar to iOS, but it starts with a simple click, instead of tapping and holding. You need a modern version of system software for Mac OS have this feature (10.12 or later is enough).

  • Open any thread in the Mac message app
  • Click and hold on any message, photo, or video

  • Choose your tapback answer: heart, thumb up, thumb down, "Ha Ha", "!", "?"

The tapback response will be inserted online in the message assigned to it, with a small bubble indicator.

This feature is quite simple but can be fun and offers a quick way to respond to a message without having to write a response, and can be particularly relevant if something deserves to have a simple indicator of your feelings at that time.

You can also remove a tapback response from a message by clicking and holding and pressing the highlighted and pre-selected tapback icon.

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