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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to play as Toad in Super Mario Run

Every time a new Super Mario arrives, we are always looking forward to discovering all its secrets. Now that just arrived Super Mario Run the App Store we can not wait to discover their own. One of these tricks is changing playable character, a classic franchise that allows us, for example, to play as Toad.

And is that who does not like that little man dressed in champion, who always accompanies us in all our adventures throughout the kingdom. Well today, we bring you the easiest and simplest way to get Toad Super Mario Run.

How to unlock Toad in Super Mario Run

The truth is that the procedure to get Toad Super Mario Run is one of the easiest game. We will not have to complete a thousand times each level to get all your coins or kill all your enemies. In this case, we will only have to link our game account with the Nintendo loyalty program, as explained below.

To begin with , we find that our game is properly linked to a My Nintendo account for this, we go into the app itself and go to the My Nintendo option in the upper right corner. We will show a catalog of awards, among which is Toad. Select it , and touch Redeem. After this, we return to the main menu, and select the gift box, where we will receive the prize that allow us to play as Toad.

From this moment, we just have to pick any game screen, and choose the character selector, where you can select the character of Toad. It should be said that this will give us a slight advantage, and is that when we play like him, we will run something faster along the screens.

Now, this game continues to enjoy the pleasure of playing with one of the most lovable characters around the Mushroom Kingdom, and rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser once and for all. And if you have not yet decided to download it yet, check out this article to find out.

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