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Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to play Super Mario Run on your iPhone with Jailbreak

The launch of Super Mario Run has been a success, maybe not the expected Nintendo, but a success, after all . The first game fully developed by Nintendo is at the top of the rankings of the App Store, and seems to be staying there for a while.

However, not all are joys, and that is a very important group in number has been unable to play Super Mario Run, despite how easy it is to download it . I speak of course of those who decided to make their iPhone or iPad a freer device. Yes, I mean Jailbreak users.

Super Mario Run, available also for Jailbreak users, although with a somewhat peculiar method

We all hoped that the Nintendo game would work perfectly on any device that met the typical compatibility requirements, such as the operating system and hardware. But it was at launch when many users took the big surprise, is that Nintendo, in an attempt to get rid of the "cheaters", restricts the use of the app to the iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak.

But this bump, like most problems in our world, has a solution. There are several tweaks in Cydia, capable of masking the Jailbreak, so that it is undetectable by the apps. So they show from iPhone News , for now only works properly with Super Mario Run tsProtector 8+, available in the BigBoss repository, so this tweak is that we install.

 Launch Cydia.
Step 2: Go to the Search tab and look for tsProtector.
Step 3: Open tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8).

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Once it is installed on your iPad or iPhone, we will access the Settings of our device and we will open the tsProtector section. In it, select Black List Apps, where we add the app Super Mario Run. After this, we activate the tweak in the same menu where we find the section Black List Apps, touching Activate.

In this way, Super Mario Run will be unable to detect the Jailbreak, and can play quietly. Now we think if it really worth this game, something we are already talking around here CP.

And you, will you buy Super Mario Run?

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