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Monday, 26 December 2016

How to remember your parking with your iPhone with Siri

One of the novelties that had built iOS 10 was the ability to remember the parking Maps automatically, yes, for it will need to have your iPhone Bluetooth enabled and that your vehicle has a paired Bluetooth device. But perhaps that is not the case, or you have not updated the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, either by incompatibility, or for whatever reasons. So today we teach you a trick to help you remember your iPhone using Siri parking.

How to remember your parking with your iPhone using Siri

And it is that one of the multiple features of Siri is to remember your parking if you suggest to do so manually. Like any other command Siri, you can start the wizard Apple by a long press Home button or saying "Hey Siri" if you have set that option .

Once Siri is running, you have to give clear and accurate order: "Remember where I parked my car". This will cause Siri to put a car icon in the Maps app just in the location where you gave the order. Eye care with language that is configured Siri, likewise does not process the order with the Spanish of Spain with that of Argentina, for example.

When we want to know where we parked our car, simply we return to invoke Siri and ask "where I parked my car" and Siri will open Maps, where the dot will appear indicating its exact location.

While the location of the park is checked, you can use the Maps app on your iPhone quietly without worrying about losing your situation, which will be stored.

If we want the car parked indicator disappears because we have already found, we will have to tell Siri and give the command "Siri, forget where I parked my car" and Siri will clear the point. In this way, Siri will again be available to remember future parking lots.

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