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Friday, 23 December 2016

How to remove your game from Super Mario Run without deleting the game

The content offered by the game Super Mario Run, despite its high cost compared to other applications from the App Store, is quite limited as to the hours of fun that may offer. There are many who think that it is an unjustified price, established only by having the mark of Super Mario.

However, this does not mean that the content that it offers is not of quality, and is that the game modalities that it offers on its way to the market, are really fun even though there are few options. That said, you may already have gotten all the challenges, and want to start to tomártelo more calmly. If so, this is your article.

Learn how to delete your user data without deleting the game from your iPhone or iPad

We have already explained above how you can take advantage of some of the tricks that Super Mario Run hides inside, however, I am sure that many will be interested to delete your starting power without uninstalling the app. And is that sometimes, starting again helps improve your performance in the game.

To start the process, we must access the game itself, and select Settings section of the Menu. There, we access About this app, which is where erase function is hidden. We will play now Delete user data, and confirm the action after reading the warnings.

With this, we will return to the beginning of the game, where of course we will have to overcome the annoying tutorial, which could almost be considered the worst part of the process. Now, you'll be free to get in your new game what you most want the way you want.

And, although we may have a certain attachment to our achievements, we may be surprised to start the game with more experience than the first attempt. At the end of the day , everything is a matter of practice, and beat the record once you acquire.

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