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Friday, 2 December 2016

How to restart Android, we explain all ways

Have you blocked your Android and do not know how to restart it? We explain all the ways to turn it off and on again, even if the mobile does not respond.

If you are an experienced user on Android more or less you will know all the ways that exist to revive a device that was blocked. But the thing is not so simple when you face a smartphone without much experience. In addition, adds his mobile no removable battery, if after trying all methods not respond ... Anyway, let's solve all the problems around a particular aspect: Restart Android.

How to restart Android? Follow the steps until you find the solution

I will detail each of the essential steps one by one, starting with the simplest solutions to the least. If your cell phone was blocked, and you do not know how to return the life, proceed step by step: one will work the miracle. Without being petulant, you are sure to appreciate all the advice.

1. Remove the battery and reinsert it

It's a perogrullo, I know, but you have to start somewhere. It is the easiest way to restart the mobile, although it is gradually becoming obsolete: there are more and more devices that can not be removed from the battery, so this step will be useless.

2. Press and hold the power button until you restart

It will depend on the make and model, but you have to start here. If with the ignition you only get nothing, touch to make combinations.

3. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button

This method is the current to restart the more modern Samsung or Huawei, for example. Did not get your mobile blocked? Let's keep going.

4. Press the power button and volume up

And hold down until the phone reboots. Sony phones and tablets are betting on this method of rebooting, for example.

At this point you should have been able to restart your mobile. With these four methods almost all the locks are solved. In case you do not fix the problem, we can say that the thing is complicated.

5. Let the battery drain and charge

This way it should boot. First to show that you are loading and, if you turn it on, you should start the system. Do you find everything just as it was before you got stuck? Perfect, we can breathe easy. Does it still not start or is it trying to loop? I'm sorry to tell you that the problem is quite serious.

Once you reach this point, and whenever you have not managed to restart the mobile, you only have to do a formatting. Or what it is the same: you need to clear the entire device and return to what it was at the factory. This implies that:

  • You will lose all the photos that are not in the SD or have not synchronized with services like Google Photos.
  • You'll lose all WhatsApp individual chats and similar messaging services unless you save backups.
  • In general, you will lose data that you have not synchronized. If you started your mobile with your Google account, and you did not touch the default settings, you will keep contacts, emails, phone numbers and other primordial data when starting that locked mobile or any other. As long as you use the same account.

6. You have to return the device to its factory state.

When off, you should start the recovery menu by holding down the power button and the volume up / down button. It depends on the manufacturer, but the result has to be the same: a menu with different English phrases. Then, it operates as we tell you in the following article.

7. Still no boot? Touch Repair It

You have reached the final point, for your misfortune. No choice but to carry the mobile (or tablet) to specialized service manufacturer to repair the plate. If you are under warranty you should not have problems. But, if this is not the case, the repair will easily go up to 150 euros.

There are off-brand technical services that are more economical, maybe you'll make up for it. You can also change the plate, but it is a suitable operation only if you know how to operate. Or, you can also buy a new mobile. The price of a new device usually compensates for the repair.

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