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Friday, 23 December 2016

How to restore the operation of Cydia Substrate after jailbreak iOS 10

On Wednesday, after three months after the launch of iOS 10, the jailbreak for devices based on this операционки came out. However, after the fracture of the Yalu media gadgets - new utility of the Hatch Тодеско - it was discovered that a number of popular adjustments and informal applications do not work. Some plug-ins can not be run on principle, others can cause system malfunctions Operating.

The informal working volatility for device jailbreaking is explained by the limited compatibility with the main iOS 10 of the Cydia Substrate framework, through which most extensions work. Due to the unexpected revision эксплоита the creator of Cydia jay freeman has failed to update the framework, so it is compatible with the "ten" only partially.

Patches did not wait: in third-party repositories, you can find several patches for Cydia Substrate. However, not all of them are recommended for installation: modifying the third-party package framework can cause an iPhone download, lead to cyclic loads to be continually restarted and to turn the device into "brick".

However, the work of the patch version of Cydia Substrate exists and one of them is called "Substrate Fix (iOS 1o)". The installation of this jailbreak-extension, can correct the behavior of the framework. For all who want to get a full jailbreak of iOS 10, it is recommended to install this package. The patch can be found in a repository It is compatible with all devices with jailbreak with the help of Yalu.

Substrate Fix (iOS 1o) can benefit everyone who does not want to wait for the Saurik assembly. Official release of the framework version, "created with all the features of Yalu", promise in the near future.

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