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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How to restrict the use of your iPhone and iPad to children

Christmas is here, and the children look forward to the opportunity to open the gifts they have earned so much throughout the year. Once they do, it goes without saying that you will draw full advantage, especially if it is a technological gift, how Apple gifts that I have been recommending it here .

However, as is well known by everyone in this digital society, it is important to establish a series of restrictions when using each device. Especially if it has access to the internet, as it has an iPhone or an iPad. From CydiaPlus, we bring you a small tutorial simple, with you can maintain some control on the use of your iPhone or iPad, so do not be to be always aware of what is done with it.

Using iOS Restrictions

The system of restrictions of iOS, allows to manage of easy way the use of many of the functions of the system. With a few keystrokes , we can establish different rules to prevent the use of some features like the camera, FaceTime, or even Safari. But, in addition, it will allow us to choose what kind of data we want to share, and what kind of content can be seen on the iPad or iPhone configured.

To manage these controls, we will enter the Settings app, specifically in the Restrictions section, paragraph General. Once we enter the Restrictions menu, we activate by pressing the Activate restrictions. At that time, we will require a specific four - digit code in this section, so we can avoid having to use the same code block that we set.

From this moment, we will have the ability to manage the permissions of use of the device that we are configuring. In this case, I highly recommend block away from shopping apps, and allow changes to accounts and Volume Limit, but as always this depends on each person and each child.

At the time when you would want to disable these restrictions, you only have to access the same Settings menu, and press Disable Restrictions. Once you have entered the code that you defined the first time, all restrictions will be removed.

Being able to control the use of your iPad or your iPhone is that easy, and fast. Will you keep it in mind this Christmas?

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