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Friday, 16 December 2016

How to return any app in the App Store

The App Store is full of apps able to convert our iPhone or iPad into what we most need, to offer all the entertainment we need with the best streaming apps , or recent games like Super Mario Run . However, there are also many apps that are not able to meet user expectations.

In the case of free apps, the solution is as simple as removing the application from our device. But with my payment, things change, and we have disbursed money on something that in the end we will not be useful.

How to request a refund on the App Store

Fortunately, in Europe, a number of defined laws for consumer protection , allowing us to request a refund of any item, both physical and digital, in the first 14 days of purchase. This way, there will be no problem if we want to recover our money after verifying that an app that we bought does not work in the expected way.

To start this process refund on the App Store, we must follow a few simple steps, which often go unnoticed among the options the company gives us. First, we will access this page Apple support dedicated to solving the problems that we get to have our apps.

Then select the app on we want to start the refund process by clicking the Report button located next to the app. We will show a drop, in which we indicate that we want to cancel this purchase. After selecting this, we confirm the action by clicking on Cancel purchase.

Once this is done, Apple will begin the reimbursement process, and proceed to cancel the purchase. Of course, we must confirm that the process has been successful, with the e-mail that is sent automatically after starting the process.

And so easy is to ask for a refund in the App Store, something that perhaps many users believed impossible. Have you ever seen the need to use this method? With what app?

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