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Friday, 2 December 2016

How to set up and use Apple Pay on your iPad

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long wait, we can say that Apple Pay has officially reached Spain . And it has been years of uncertainty for a service that should already have been activated long ago.

The system allows us, for the moment, to use the American Express Card, MasterCard Banco Santander, tickets restaurant classic, and, last but not least, the Pass card Carrefou r. This is a really limited deployment, however, for all users who want to start using it from your devices, we bring you a series of tutorials to learn how to configure Apple Pay.

How to set up Apple Pay on our iPad

First, we'll start teaching you how to use Apple Pay on your iPad. Remember that only models with sensor Touch ID (from iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2) will be able to use the service, since use of this method to identify the user when making a purchase is made.

Now, to start the setup we go to the Settings app, where we will go to the section Wallet and Apple Pay. There, select Add credit card or debit card and prepare that we will use.

After entering the password of our Apple account, we can choose between two ways to complete the form. Both through the camera, it will automatically digitize the card number; As manually, in which process we must enter all the data ourselves.

Once you have entered your card number, and our full name ( as long as it comes on the card itself), we will ask both the expiration date, and security code, commonly found on the back of it ( Can change according to the bank).

Then will take place a verification process, which, although it varies depending on the issuer of the card, usually sending a text message to our mobile with a temporary verification code that must be entered into the iPad. Although how I say, this can change.

And now Apple Pay is ready to be used. Yes, it is important to note that in the iPads is only allowed payment applications with Apple Pay, so we can not make payments in physical stores. On the official website of Apple, you will find all the apps that are already using Apple Pay .

Just out you must keep a purchase normally, and if the app is compatible with Apple Pay, simply have to use the Touch ID to verify the purchase. So easy and simple.

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