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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to use the optical zoom of your iPhone 7 Plus

IPhone 7 Plus includes a dual chamber, being high which allows you to make a 2x optical zoom plus a 10x digital zoom. Using the optical zoom of the iPhone Plus is fairly easy, but works a little differently than the normal zoom of a normal iPhone camera.

Simply follow this little tutorial that we have prepared for zoom, both optical and digital, on your new iPhone 7 Plus.

How to use the iPhone 2 Plus 2x optical zoom

  1. Remember that this feature is only available on the iPhone 7 Plus, optical zoom to only have to:
  2. Open the iPhone camera, from any of the screens that allow you: the lock or camera app.
  3. Go to Photo mode
  4. Click on the 1x circle next to the shoot button.
  5. This way you will see how the camera automatically zooms and goes to put 2x in the aforementioned button.
  6. Make the photo how you would always do it.

If you press the button again where you can now put 2x regain normal camera mode. All modes included in the app work with digital zoom, all of which can be zoomed in. If you close and open the app, it will be reset to 1x.

Using the 10x digital zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus

As mentioned, the double camera iPhone 7 Plus lets you make ten digital zoom magnification. As you know, with digital zoom, the quality of the image gets worse as you zoom in. Despite these complications, we sometimes need to use this zoom.

  • To use it:
  • In the iPhone camera, press the before button to place it in 2x.
  • Then press the 2x button until the scale appears.
  • Now choose the zoom you want to perform up to 10x.

You can make digital zoom from 2.1x to 10x, but we insist, when using this zoom images lose quality Apple does so gala.

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