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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to use your new AirPods with the Apple Watch

Now that the AirPods are on the street and in the ears of many users around the world, it is time you had a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of any of the devices that you use, including your smartwatch.

And that is precisely what we will discuss today, is that your AirPods, get along very well with the Apple Watch. We'll show you how you can connect your AirPods to Apple Watch, use them to listen to music, or to answer.

The AirPods and Apple Watch, a very productive relationship

First, let's carry out the bonding process. As you know, the AirPods are linked to the Apple ID of the device that are connected in his first start or after a reboot, and thanks to that, the rest of paired devices can also make use of all the features offered without To repeat the process.

Therefore, to connect our AirPods with our Apple Watch will need to link the iPhone to the clock, so it is connected to, if we have already set up another iPad or iPhone that has a different account, press the button configuration for a 15 seconds with the lid closed. Once we reopen it, the connection procedure should be started on all nearby devices, so we will connect them to our iPhone.

Now that are linked to our iPhone, and therefore our Apple Watch, we can start using them with our clock independently. To play the music stored on your Apple Watch through AirPods, you just have to enter the Music app, make a strong pressure, and select the Apple Watch source, which will automatically recognize your AirPods as a Bluetooth headset. This also applies to calls, so you can as soon as you receive or perform one, use your hands free AirPods connected to your Apple Watch.

It is possible that, after doing several tests with your brand new headphones, you are curious to know how much battery they have left. For that reason, you have the possibility of knowing the charge level of your AirPods directly on the clock, by accessing the battery in the new control center.

With these tricks, you'll enjoy even more of one of the best experiences of wireless audio, so now tell us, What are you doing with them? Do you use them every day?

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