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Sunday, 4 December 2016

How to view and read voicemail transcripts on an iPhone

Now, the iPhone has a great ability to transcribe voice messages, offering users a transcript of any voice message that is left in the device. The function of voicemail transcriptions to occur automatically when listening to voice messages.

This feature is very useful as it is a fast and efficient way to check your iPhone voice mail without having to listen to a message.

Note that the transcription of voicemail for iPhone is currently in beta, so the end result can vary, but nevertheless worth trying. You will need an iPhone with an operator that is compatible with Visual Voicemail, and you will need a modern version of iOS to use this feature. Any version superior to iOS 10.0 has support for the feature of voice mail transcriptions for iPhone.

How to view and read voicemail transcripts on an iPhone

  • Open the phone application on the iPhone and then tap the "Voicemail" button
  • Press directly on a voice message that you have in your mailbox

The voice mail transcript will appear on the screen, if applicable

  • At the bottom of the voice mail transcript you will see a small gray sentence that asks "Was this transcript useful or not?", You can tap the blue text links to provide feedback to Apple about the feature.
In case the voicemail does not have a transcript available, the text "Transcription not available" will appear, instead of a voicemail transcript.

The message "Transcription not available" will appear, if the voicemail has not had the time to be transcribed, the transcription service is inactive, or if the voice is totally unrecognizable and impossible to transcribe.

Currently there is no way to turn off the voicemail transcription, so if you do not like the feature, do not use it, it turns out to be inaccurate or not useful, etc., you will have the always active function.

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