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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to view remaining battery time in MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

Apple has removed the battery time indicator MacOS Sierra 10.12.2, which means that if you install the update on a MacBook Pro, MacBook or MacBook Air, no longer get the indicator remaining battery life from the battery menu. So, we show you some ways to check how much battery power remains on any Mac laptop, running the latest version of MacOS Sierra, as a more advanced way to restore the old battery menu again.

Use CoconutBattery to view the remaining battery time as a menu item

CoconutBattery is an excellent tool that allows you to monitor the health and performance of the battery of a Mac laptop. The latest versions of CoconutBattery also offer a menu of optional battery that you can use to view the remaining battery time in any MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Installing and using CoconutBattery to check remaining battery life is probably the easiest and least annoying method of viewing estimated battery life on a Mac laptop.

Download the tool from here

Once you run CoconutBattery, go to the application preferences to allow loading CoconutBattery at the login and enable the menu bar item, where you can see the remaining battery time.

Use the activity monitor to see the remaining battery time

The activity monitor's power tab lets you see which applications are using a lot of battery power on a Mac, and also provides an estimate of how much battery is left.

Open the activity monitor from / Applications / Utilities / (/ Applications / Utilities /)

Go to the "Power" tab and wait a few moments, the lower section will be updated and will offer a series of additional data, including "Time remaining"

Restore the battery menu from an earlier version of MacOS

This process is a bit more advanced and involves making changes to the system folder. It is also more difficult because you must have the file "" from MacOS 10.12.1 or an earlier version, once it has been updated to 10.12.2. If you plan ahead, you can simply copy the file yourself from the following location:

  / System / Library / CoreServices / Menu Extras / 

Locate the file "" from 10.12.1 or earlier and make a copy of it to the desktop or other easy-to-find places.

After upgrading to MacOS 10.12.2, then restore the security of "" in the directory / Menu Extras /

You may need to disable SIP to successfully complete this process (be sure to enable it again later), or boot into Recovery mode and move or copy the file after upgrading.

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