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Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to watch movies, series and videos from your PC on your iPhone and iPad

Currently, there is an increasingly wide variety of streaming apps to enjoy the best content on demand, as we have already shown above . However, this is not the choice of everyone, and many people still prefer to download their movies, series or videos on your PC to see them safely on any device without having to pay large subscription fees.

So today we bring you a compilation with the best apps to see the content you have stored on your computer in an easy and simple way. And in many cases, even completely free, which is a good point to consider.

VLC Streamer

VLC Streamer is a streaming playing program, based on the code VLC Media Player, which allows us to access content that we turn from our computer through an easy customer to install. Although its interface, it may be too simple. This is a free app, but has a Premium version without ads or limitations.


The well-known VLC Media Player is also available on iOS and Apple TV. This app based on open source, allows us to not only play local content, but also access content from remote servers of any kind, not just computers. VLC is completely free, being free software.


This player, offers a wide variety of supported formats, in order to cover the gaps left by the default iOS player. In addition, it offers a synchronization system with cloud storage services and access to remote servers such as FTP.


Plex is and will remain the remote player par excellence. Available in most platforms, including iOS and Apple TV, Plex offers the friendly environment they have always agreed to our movies or series, but yes, limited by Plex Pro subscription required for maximum enjoyment.

Infuse Pro 5

Infuse and takes time hanging around the library to my iTunes, and is that few players are so intuitive and complete as this, capable of reproducing the most famous video formats such as MP4, M4V or MOV. On the other hand, it also allows synchronization with services like Dropbox or connect to servers or Kodi Plex, or your own PC (if configured). Yes, its price is the highest of all.

All these apps are ready to make you enjoy the content you choose. Which app will you choose?

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