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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

ICleaner Pro is already compatible with iOS 10 (Cydia)

iCleaner Pro, the popular tool to remove junk files from our devices to free up space, has recently been updated to add support for iOS 10.

Compatibility with iOS 10 and later.
Compatibility with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Of course, by the time the tool is currently in beta (7.6.0 ~ beta1), so it is likely that errors may arise or may not work as it should.

Even so, I personally tried the tool on a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus and it has released more than 3GB of storage, so personally I strongly recommend that you install and use it from time to time.

Finally, I remind you that because the jailbreak of iOS 10.1.1 is still in beta, you may do a respring after the screen goes black and necessary force restart the device, which for unknown who , It is carried out by pressing simultaneously the button of shut down and the button start (to lower volume in case of the iPhone 7) during 10 seconds.

  • Name: iCleaner Pro
  • Compatibility: iOS to 10.x
  • Repository: https://ib-soft.net/cydia/beta/
  • Price: Free

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