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Sunday, 4 December 2016

If you can not download Netflix on your iPhone with Jailbreak

Netflix has updated its app for iPhone and iPad with a new feature that allows users to download movies and TV shows for playback without Internet connection .

As a subscriber and fan of Netflix , I'm very excited about this update. The ability to download content directly to the iPad without using a PC / Mac to transfer videos via iTunes is something really useful.

Now we can take Netflix wherever we go. On a holiday trip, on flights by plane, at the subway stop, in the home of relatives without Internet ... It is certainly one of the best news of Netflix for iPhone and iPad.

How to download Netflix content to your iPhone and iPad

1. Open Netflix on your iPhone and / or iPad.

2. Select the series, documentary or movie you want to download.

3. Click on the new download button.

4. The video is downloaded in "My Downloads" from the app.

Currently not all Netflix series and movies are available for download, but most of the major series.

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Content Download Issues

For most Netflix subscribers the new functionality works correctly, but things get complicated at the scene of Jailbreak. Some users have reported that trying to download content stops the process by mentioning "waiting for other downloads to finish".

If you had problems with downloads of movies or Netflix you will be interested to know that someone is working on a patch to Flex avoid blocking Netflix on devices with Jailbreak.

If you can not wait for a patch or a Cydia tweak to fix this problem, you can always remove the jailbreak and download the latest firmware iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad.

Additionally, you can choose to install Cydia Eraser. It is a tweak that will restore the configuration settings of your iPhone and your iPad without having to upgrade to a new version of iOS. Thus, you can always reinstall the Jailbreak without performing a downgrade or having to wait to Jailbreak iOS 10.

But remember, after installing and uninstalling Eraser Cydia Jailbreak iOS 9.x, you must remove and reinstall the application of Netflix.

Do you have a Jailbreak? Have you had problems downloading content on Netflix? If so, we invite you to participate in the comments section explaining your problem.

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