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Friday, 16 December 2016

If you miss an AirPod, Apple offers you a solution

As you know, Apple has released just in time for Christmas your wireless headphones, AirPods . Many questions have arisen around such a small device with a battery life of 5 hours: What happens when after a period of intensive vitiate the battery and lose storage capacity? What if I miss a headset? Well, Apple has the answer and posted it on its website.

Yesterday we discovered that Apple had updated its website with information on the prices of spare parts battery of AirPods under warranty - remember that Apple only offers one year warranty on all its products - with or without the AppleCare program none from them. But it has also included the possibility of replacing a single headset, in case of loss of one of the two AirPods that make up the pack.

Likewise, it also details what is included in the warranty and what not. For example, a defective battery would enter into the warranty, but a deterioration resulting from normal or accidental use otherwise, consequently you would have to pay the $ 49 of your refill. The loss of an AirPod will under no circumstances be covered as a human negligence.

How much does the replacement of an AirPod cost?

If I lose a single handset and you need to replace it , Apple offers its replacement for $ 69, the same cost as if you lose the storage box and loading AirPods. Remember that AirPods cost 179 euros of retail price and include the cargo box.

You are still in time to place your order at the Apple store or authorized dealers for your AirPods arrive in time for Christmas, although Apple estimates a shipping time of 6 weeks. In any case, on eBay you can always get them - will not be cheap - but be on time for your tree .

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