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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

If you want some AirPods already, be prepared to pay

As you know it has been the news of the day, against all odds Apple today launched its AirPods , so even if something justitos, arrive in time for Christmas. And we say something justitos because the estimated shipment according to the web is one week. But they are bad dates due to the high volume of shipments, so it is not possible to suffer certain delays.

So some ready have decided to make a killing in December and then sell them on eBay at exorbitant prices. If the AirPods have a retail price of 179 euros, according to the most famous auction website on the planet, if you want to buy them in time for this Christmas you can always buy them at anything modest price of 1590 dollars, almost 10 times more. Of course, you make sure they arrive before Saturday and also, shipping is included in the price.

Likewise, we have also found other vendors offer their AirPods at more reasonable prices in a range ranging from $ 230 to a thousand dollars as you can see in the picture, but no guaranteed delivery date before Christmas. One thing is clear: for five hundred dollars more anyone would take the car and take them to the door of the house.

According to recite vendors, AirPods offered for sale on eBay are theoretically original and accompanied by several photos to testify, what is truly suspicious. If authentic How have gotten the AirPods even before the launch Apple itself? Will it be another case like the worker iPhone maker in China who dedicated himself to pilfer more than 5,000 iPhone for two years ?

Since then Apple delay - initially achacábamos to the integration of Bluetooth 5 technology - intentional or not, it has turned out round when generating expectations, but it will not be the only one to profit from the long wait. Fanboys are hungry for AirPods but will they be willing to pay that money?

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