In 2017 we will see PlayStation games on iOS -


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Friday, 9 December 2016

In 2017 we will see PlayStation games on iOS

The video game industry for smartphones and tablets does nothing but grow, and that is that every time we have less time to enjoy the games. Our obligations do not leave us with more than a few lapses of free time, in which we want to enjoy something as fast as possible, something for which these games are designed.

Sometimes they are little mini games, others however is more complete games, as in the case of Bully: Anniversary Edition , the remastered one of the first games of Rockstar Games, which now comes to iOS version. All of them, however, share a common characteristic: they are designed to fill those moments of freedom, and if possible, empty our portfolio.

PlayStation launches back to mobile

As indicated by Reuters , Sony has begun the process of founding a new subsidiary dedicated to produce and launch new games for mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad will be found. ForwardWorks, which is the name of this new company has already begun work on some of the most important properties of PlayStation.

It will be in the first months of 2017, when some of the games that have been shown at the press conference given by Sony, as PaRappa the Rapper or Everybody's golf, will be made available to Japanese users of iOS. Subsequently, these would reach the rest of markets, giving priority in this case to the rest of Asian countries.

There are no great expectations of success

It is not the first time that PlayStation tries to reach these platforms. Some time ago, they launched a platform specializing in mobile games, which was forced to disappear, after not meeting the expectations of the company. In addition, Sony has not defined a specific icons, as if they have for example Nintendo with Mario, Sonic or Sega.

It is for these reasons why this project inspires many doubts among analysts also see it a belated movement. Personally, I think that, again, they will not be able to enter this market, since they intend to follow in the footsteps of other companies, regardless of the fact that they are in completely different conditions. Maybe they should focus on continuing to work to bring PS Now, their cloud gaming service, to all platforms and devices. What do you think about this? Will Sony triumph?

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