In the UK launched a case for kissing on the iPhone -


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Monday, 26 December 2016

In the UK launched a case for kissing on the iPhone

There are situations in the urge to kiss a loved one, and it is very far. Especially for these cases, the British have developed for the iPhone, with which you can send a kiss at any distance.

Original accessory has been named Kissenger. The novelty is fulfilled in the form of a support, in which the mobile device is placed. On the front panel there is a special infant silicone, which relieves the indications attached to it, the lips and passed it on Another iPhone.

Taking support, in turn, mimics the touch of the lips - this opportunity will enjoy the lovers or, for example, grandmother and grandfather, who would like чмокнуть granddaughter.

Among other things, the sleeve collects data on the user's blood pressure and pulse. With the help of the data obtained from the creators of accessory with the intention of understanding how the man reacts in kiss Kissenger, just like in the present or not.

Behind technology faces serious development, and device создательница intends to develop a more gadget. The task of британки - fully imitate the actions of human beings.

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