Instagram brings out all your Christmas spirit with this new update -


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Instagram brings out all your Christmas spirit with this new update

Today the Instagram team announced even more news and features that would be coming to Stories throughout the day today. Turning now to version 10.3, Instagram added stickers, Christmas content for a limited time video recording at a touch and an option to save stories.

These new features give users of Instagram more ways to customize your experience and also have fun while sharing their stories with others. All this seems to be done to be able to compete with Snapchat, but also for the Instagram platform to gain new features and maintain its users.

New ways to customize your content

Here's a look at what the company has said about its stickers and new text features: "After taking a photo or video, you will see some new buttons of stickers right next to the tool for text and drawing. Touch the smiley to find customizable stickers face climate, time, or even your location. Adding a location to a sticker works the same way as adding your location to the posts you share - simply choose or search your location. People who see your story will be able to click the sticker to know more about the site you are in, but your story will not be displayed on the placements page. "

Stickers with own personality

In addition, he also said: "Each of the stickers have multiple styles to fit your taste or mood. Touch the smiley face on the top right of the camera screen to access the stickers. To see the different styles touch on the weather, time or location stickers once you have added them to your photo ".

The application also updated its tool to add texts. Now you can add multiple text fields to any of your photos or videos and choose whether you want to have aligned right, left or center. You can add as much text to the image as you want, just touch the add text button to add more to your content.

Hands-free and more news

Another new feature that came to the application were the Christmas songs, which will be available for a few weeks.

The last two new features that are available today will be the function of recording video with one hand, which they have called "Hands-Free" and an option to save all our shared histories in the past 24 hours.

If Instagram wants to compete with Snapchat, it is well underway. Luckily, both applications are still active and anyone who does not like one, can always use the other - the beauty of technology. We hope you have these options available as soon as possible to feel the Christmas spirit even in your stories Instagram.

How do you like these Christmas novelties? Leave your answer in the comments!

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