IOS 10.2 comes with significant improvements on HomeKit -


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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

IOS 10.2 comes with significant improvements on HomeKit

As you know, iOS 10.2 has landed with interesting improvements in security, SOS function, the amazing App TV and a lot of new emoji , but not only that, it also includes many accessories HomeKit with the aim of automating your home medium term. Keep reading that you're going to stay ojiplático.

And is that HomeKit - the Apple app intended for home automation, based on the IoT or internet of things and the Do It Yourself - includes features designed to monitor, control and perform many household chores. These include windows in your home, occupancy, movement, door and window detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and possible water leaks. Awesome, right?

By default, if you update iOS 10.2 on your iPad or iPhone and you have set up some of these household chores in your home, you will receive notifications of compatible drivers. In addition to iOS 10.2 when an accessory capable of being controlled by Homekit present an update or firmware, you will be notified so that your teams are always at the latest without having to go looking through third party applications.

A couple of practical examples to make it clear: if you have a smoke detector in your home or business and the equipment is compatible, you can monitor and receive alerts from your iPhone or iPad. Also, if you have a programmable lighting system, you can act from your iOS device. Going even easier, you can program your heating from your phone.

To enable or disable them , simply go to the app Home of your iPad or iPhone and select the appropriate device, either using the 3D Touch on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or by a long press on terminals without 3D Touch. Click on the details button and swipe to State and notifications, where you can choose if you want to be notified or not.

Of course, it will be you who choose if necessary the automation device to send notifications or not, which for example can be very interesting with a motion sensor or a smoke detector in a trade, alerting the intruders or A possible fire.

Apple strong commitment to automation, so this October and announced that they expect to close more than 100 accessories compatible with HomeKit the end of 2016. The technology of the future is here and Apple wants to be the pioneer in bring it to you.

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