IOS 10.2 fixes some bugs that make jailbreak difficult

According to recently declared Luca Todesco, one of the most active hackers from the scene of IOS, IOS 10.2 fixes some bugs that hinder the jailbreak.

In this way, and as Todesco mentions, as long as security is not one of our priorities, the most sensible choice is to stay in iOS 10.1.1.

qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
note that 10.2 kills many bugs, staying on 10.1.1 is a wise choice

 qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
No matter what I say there is always some idiot that thinks it secretly means JB ETA SON
Of course, this does not mean it will publish any tool, moreover, it has returned to say that you will not post any jailbreak, so in that sense all we can do right now is take this news as a warning.

On the other hand, I remind you that iOS 10.2 is still in beta, iOS 10.1.1 being the last official update published to date.
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