IOS 10.2 Update Now Available for iPad and iPhone -


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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

IOS 10.2 Update Now Available for iPad and iPhone

The long wait has come to an end, after several previous releases for developers, a few hours ago Apple has released to the general public the iOS update 10.2 for iPad and compatible iPhones.

10.2 The update Apple has worked particularly as they say adding features that make the iPhone and iPad better than ever. The main changes include several features that have already been disengaging in detail in CP, as a lot of new emoji , functionality SOS emergency and the new application for Apple TV - functional only for USA -, among many others things.

As always, to download IOS 10.2, go to Settings> General> Software Update and click on Download and install. Remember it is recommended that you have enough battery during the process and of course use the Wi-Fi as the update weighs 359.2 MB - in USA occupies 1.82 GB upgrade due to TV app -. Another option is to upgrade through iTunes by connecting it to your computer.

What's new in iOS 10.2?

  • To start, find more than 100 brand new emoji, including avocado, gorilla, shark, bacon is included ...
  • Owners of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus find they have a couple of additional desktop backgrounds.
  • The biggest innovation is certainly the TV app. Apple is trying to unify user experiences on audiovisual content in a single app, allowing you for example start watching a program on your Apple TV and resume watching on your iPhone or iPad. Hopefully this fascinating functionality will soon expand to other countries like ours.
  • New effects for app messages, among which include "Sent with Love" or "Celebration".

  • As is tradition, the new update fixes previous bugs and general performance improvements.
  • Also, Apple claims to have made security implementations fail to back up 1000 times safer than before.

And now, the big question: Download it now or wait for a couple of weeks and the most daring have experienced iOS 10.2 in all its splendor?

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