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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

IOS 11: 30 features we'd like to see in the next version of Apple's mobile system

Only a few months ago that iOS 10 is among us, and although it brought many new features and new features, there are many who are already thinking about what they would like to integrate iOS 11. The future version of Apple's mobile operating system will not be available until September next year, but as is always the case with apple company things, speculation has been on the agenda for many months before its release.

The US company has been working on iOS in November and for some time, and do not forget to be the version of the system that will accompany the new iPhone when its tenth anniversary. Currently iOS is a fairly complete operating system, but there are still functions and tweaks that users would like to see on iOS 11 without having to use the Jailbreak.

Here are a small video made by the guys EverythingApplePro in showing thirty features that Apple could include in the future iOS 11. At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but while waiting for your arrival we show you what functions we would like to see in iOS 11 within a few months.

30 functions that would make iOS 11 the ideal mobile operating system

In the video that appears under these lines we see some features that would be great to see in iOS 11 such as a night mode, a function also PIP of Split View, the possibility of eliminating application cache or more icons in the Control Center, among other things. On the other hand, it also raises a new control of the multitasking to close applications and even animation in the icons of the apps, something that does not personally convince me.

Another new feature is the volume control on the top bar instead of displaying a pop - up in the center of the screen or the possibility of placing icons on the main screen freely, ie, leaving free holes without they go Some followed by others.

These are just some of the functions shown in the video, but there are many more. Obviously some of these features or characteristics do not seem useful or just do not taste, so we invite you to tell us in comments what functions most and least like you are.

In addition, if any function you like to see in iOS 11 Sacarías you think your game day and that is not on this list, do not hesitate to put it down in the comments. What would your iOS 11 be perfect?

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