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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

IPhone 7 hits Google's 2016 searches

There are 11 days to go until 2016 and as is customary by this time, companies are making their balance sheet and the media begin with the refritos of the best of the year. Google has not been less and has published its annual "A year search" which recapitulates on the most popular searches throughout 2016. Apple is the leader in industry trendsetter and if your iPhone 7 is among the star gifts this Christmas , as one would expect also among the most sought words.

And it is that in the section of Smartphones the ranking consists of: iPhone 7, Freedom 251, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy Note 7, Nintendo Switch and Samsung J7. That is, iPhone 4 models in the top 10, a resounding success in terms of popularity.

But for Apple this is not new. Already during 2015 repeated iPhone 6s lead followed closely by the Apple Watch, which this year has fallen in terms of interest for boaters, despite the launch of Apple Watch Series 2 in September. And perhaps it indicates quite surprised to think that they were not far wrong when IDC estimated that sales of Apple clock were rather discreet , making Tim Cook alzase the contradiciéndoles voice .

As for general searches, has been the year of Pokémon Go, which swept this summer and whose searches have continued after the updates released this fall, will have to see how it worked Super Mario Run, which has less than a week on the market already more than 10 million downloads .

After Pokémon Go we find the iPhone 7, but the rest of the list continues with general events and celebrities: Deadpool, the Olympics, Slither.io, Prince, David Bowie, among many other disparate searches.

What will this 2017 bring us? We bet to see Apple and its gadgets in the top positions

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