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Thursday, 8 December 2016

iPhone photos pet him more on Flickr than many SLR cameras

In the report of the Flickr platform for 2016, the company stated that "as in previous years, smartphones have grown as the dominant device and preferably, while the compact and DSLR cameras have lost percentage."

The photos taken by mobile phones have increased to 48% compared with 39% who threw us last year. DSLR cameras have sunk from 31% to 25%, while compact cameras have dropped from 25% to 21% of all images uploaded to the platform.

The site also noted that 8 out of 10 popular images had been taken by iPhone, with the last three models launched on the market as protagonists. The Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II cameras were the only devices that did not belong to the apple company in entering the top ten. Just last year Apple had 42% of Flickr photographers, and this year that figure has risen to 47%.

High quality mobile cameras

Apple has focused on creating high quality sensors, as well as their lenses and especially on the technology used in image processing. Thanks to this, the company has established a great reputation for both professional photographers and users who take photos casually, who just want a simple application to use, but also with the necessary tools to configure Parameters of the camera more deeply.

This year Apple has included in its device more top dual chamber that both had been rumored, which has led them to include a new "portrait mode" that creates a depth of more dramatic field rivaling the bokeh effect caused by camera DSLR, which focuses the focus on the most important subject in the plane.

Professionals recommend it

Even the most famous photographers have started using this tool for their professional photos. The image shown above was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus by wedding photographer Benj Haisch.

Haisch said that the portrait iPhone 7 Plus mode "is changing absolutely the way I see mobile photography , " noting that "has meant a change in the game when it comes to getting a professional result without bringing No additional equipment.

He added that "having a soft, diffused lighting will help promote the goal. Find a space that is not overloaded or distracting, and Portrait mode will create a very attractive photo. "

Apple has put a lot of pampering in the cameras of its new star devices, and the users have realized from the first moment. Camera iPhone 7 Plus can easily be the best on the market today, which makes it clear that this terminal is well above its competition.

Do you use this effect very often? Leave your answer in the comments!

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