It's official: Nokia makes Android phones again by HMD -


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Friday, 2 December 2016

It's official: Nokia makes Android phones again by HMD

Although we already knew the movement, Nokia confirms it with names and dates: we will have smartphones with Android in early 2017. And they will be manufactured under HMD Global, a brand to which Nokia licenses.

We expect a 2017 moved on new brands and smartphones with Android. If we are there to Samsung Galaxy S8 as resurface mark after Note 7 Revive Xiaomi phones like the LG My Mix and be recovered from the G5 and its modules, Nokia also will talk. We already knew, but now it's official: we will have Nokia Android smartphones for 2017. And you can sign up for more details.

Nokia to distribute Android smartphones under HMD Global license

Nokia itself will not manufacture smartphones, but will provide licenses and trademarks to HMD Global. The company, which is the result of HMD and FIH Mobile (a member of the Hon Hai / Foxconn technology group), will manufacture and distribute new Nokia mobile phones and tablets. HMD Global will pay Nokia for devices sold and by exploiting the brand.

Under this commercial and economic clutter we have the news that we expected: Nokia will officially return to the world of smartphone. And it will do with Android, as can be seen in the Nokia dedicated to branded phones. This page has been activated again. E includes the ability to sign up for the mailing list to receive first - hand the release dates of smartphones.

While they are not manufactured by Nokia as a brand, yes the manufacture HMD Global. It will be in charge of exploiting the licenses and will enjoy the dedicated technology of Nokia as well as its associated patents to the mobile telephony. The president of HMD Global will be Arto Nummela. In addition to going through Nokia before the purchase by Microsoft, Arto is now in charge of Microsoft itself for mobile devices in Asia and Africa. The portfolio change is subject to approval by regulators.

Will we have the Nokia that we expect?

This is difficult to determine as we do not know the concrete plans and designs of HMD Global. They follow the line marked by Nokia Lumia: colors, polycarbonates ... and will include the Nokia brand as distinctive. Beyond here we can only speculate.

Do you think Nokia will resurface as a brand even though it does not manufacture or design? It will not be easy: although it continues to enjoy popularity, many manufacturers have taken the job. Especially in Android: highlighting within our system is very complicated having established brands and dozens of Chinese manufacturers.

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