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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

ITunes vs. Netflix: Competition?

The concept of content providers has always been present, then the entertainment is always has been, and will be one of the main needs of humanity. However, the competition has never been as strong as it has been until now.

We live in a globalized world, dominated by the network of networks. Now everything goes through Internet, and the content is no exception. Now the companies no longer span countries, span continents, and compete for global market share in a harsh scabbine governed by the law of supply and demand.

ITunes vs. Netflix: Competition?

In this case, we have two of the strongest contenders in this war, Apple and Netflix. The first, with enough economic power to buy the second, and secured market share; and second, with a global presence and a large catalog of good quality original content, plus a service which seeks to meet the needs of the people, as we have seen with offline playback .

Either way, oddly enough, iTunes is no direct competition from Netflix. And this is for a very simple reason, Netflix offers a flat rate on-demand viewing, on the contrary, Apple has always opted for a pay-per-view model, and at the moment does not seem to change. Or that is the impression they want to give.

Apple, waiting for the perfect moment to counterattack

It is evident that the system is that Netflix is winning the battle (if really there), so, it is quite strange that Apple has not decided yet to face them. There are no major investments in original production, nor does it appear to be being developed a platform for this purpose.

However, it is easy to imagine that from Cupertino could start a strategy similar to that used to face Spotify. And that strategy is the acquisition of a company already introduced in the market, as it was Beats, Music Beats with its platform; And now that it seems that TimeWarner will not be that company, maybe they will consider buying from Netflix itself? To answer these questions, we will only have to wait a couple of years at the most, because it is quite likely that they will not hesitate to move tab. Who knows? Maybe they will suddenly become the ultimate provider.

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