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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Know all the Super Mario Run tricks

 The most famous plumber of all time is now available on iPhone and iPad. Super Mario Run is already among us, and if you are one of those who have fallen in their networks surely you are interested to continue reading, because today in iPadizate we bring you a compilation of all the tricks of the game known so far.

Super Mario Run is a very entertaining game with which you can spend a few hours of fun. Whether you just download the game as if you've already started playing and want to go a step further invite you to know all the tricks of Super Mario Run. The fun is assured!

Enjoy Super Mario Run with these incredible tricks!

1. Jumps right at the right time

As you know, Super Mario Run is very simple to manage, and is that Nintendo wanted to make things easy and you can play with a single finger. While it is true that all you have to do is touch the screen to jump, there are different ways to jump and get different moves.

If you touch and hold your finger you will see that Mario's jump is higher. Besides that if you ever touch the screen while Mario is in the air will make a turn, and if you touch, hold your finger and swiping to the left you will see receding slightly.

It is important to use the right break at the right time, so it is good to anticipate the next move. But do not worry if you do not get it at first, because Super Mario Run is designed for you to play again and again.

2. Jumps on the wall

One way to get coins or simply to go ahead on a level in Super Mario Run is by climbing up the walls. If you jump and bump into a wall and then you come to see that Mario jump back and jump half in the opposite direction.

3. Hit several blocks at once

If you jump at the right time you can hit up to two blocks at a time instead of one. It does not have more complication, but like in Super Mario Run the character can not return back you have to know when to jump.

4. Play over and over to get everything

In Super Mario Run each of the levels have different levels. After collecting all roses special coins will appear other purple and silver after. Also, do not forget to cover all the recesses of the different levels of Super Mario Run to not leave anything to you by the way.

5. Find and get the coins of the rectum

Challenge coins, which are colored differently, give you more points and rewards can get them. Once you have picked up the first 5 pink exclusive coins will be replaced by purple coins, and then by silver ones.

However, to avoid monotony in Super Mario Run, these special coins vary from site to every color, they can even be hidden in blocks. So do not leave anything untried!

6. Follow the path of the arrows

Whenever you find an arrow at a level of Super Mario Run pursue it , as it can lead to great things. An explosion of coins, an exclusive coin hidden, etc.

7. Get to the top of the flag

As you've seen, reach the top of the flagpole at the end of each level is not as easy as it seems. To do this, make sure you take a long jump while holding your finger and when Mario is about to reach the flag gives another touch so that a spin in the air, this way you will have more chances to get to the top and Bring the extra 10 coins.

8. Pause in air and recoil

This movement can be very useful in some occasions. When you do a double jump at Super Mario Run keeping your finger pressed on the screen and swiping left without letting see that makes a small pause in the air and back slightly.

Pause bricks

When you go through a red brick with the pause icon on it you will see that the game stops moving and the time stops running. Take this moment to analyze what you have been doing and the decision you are going to make when you continue the march with Mario.

10. Use the bubbles wisely

In Super Mario Run when you die you have several tries and resurrect inside a bubble. Take this time to go back for the right moment and click on it to continue and try again. Of course, remember that time has passed and is a factor that plays against you, because if you go back too much will not give you time to finish the level.

11. Find the weakness of your opponents

As you have seen, in Super Mario Run you will have to fight the enemy every three levels. In order to defeat them, it is advisable to look at what they have around them to be able to use against them, for example to beat Bowser you have to drop the ax on the bridge when it is over.

12. Energy always tops before entering the battle

Before going to fight your enemy sure you're butt of energy. Since during the fight you lose a little with each stroke.

13. Create a Nintendo account

During registration you will be asked to create a Nintendo account. It is possible that with the emotion of the moment you want to play Super Mario Run as soon as possible and decide to skip this step at first, but we recommend you take a couple of minutes to register. Do not worry, because if this step omitiste earlier you can go to Settings to create and link Nintendo account, giving you access to exclusive content, tickets to the races and much more.

14. Unlock Toad

Precisely one of the things you can get to link a Nintendo Super Mario unlock Toad Run is to be a character you can play. Once you've linked it, go to the My Kingdom screen, click the "My Nintendo" button and select "Redeem" below the Toad image. Then return to the Kingdom and touch the gift box.

15. Collect points

Right next to the "Rewards" tab in the "My Nintendo" section you will find a section called "Missions". Here you can gather points for Nintendo missions, things like playing Toad Rally three times a day and much more. When the button is in red click on "Collect Points".

16. Redeem rewards

Rewards section has a lot of things other than Toad. You can use the points you have won to redeem it for different things, like 1,000 coins in Supe Mario Run and many more.

17. Careers

In the races of Super Mario Run you have to win your opponent to get Toads that will join your Kingdom. Toads need of all colors to rebuild your kingdom, so choose opponents of different colors for various Toads.

18. Choose an opponent you can defeat

In racing Super Mario Run you pick an opponent to face, but be careful because if you lose Toads also lose your kingdom. So it is best to go with caution and choose opponents that are not above your level.

19. Keep jumping

It's very important that you be as extravagant as you can while collecting coins at Toads races, and the best way to get it is to jump. Make all kinds of different jumps, combines jumps, spins beam in the air ... but all this while collecting coins.

20. Build houses to unlock other characters

When you're starting to rebuild your kingdom in Super Mario Run you should focus on building houses in the background and let the decor theme. It is preferable to invest coins in houses, since it is the way in which you can unlock other characters like Luigi, Yoshi or Toadette.

21. Bonus Game

The first house that was in your kingdom, located on the left, is a bonus game. You can play it every 8 hours, so head over at least once a day to earn some coins and tickets for racing Toads.

22. Save battery

If you want to save some battery while playing Super Mario Run recommend you go to Menu - Settings and click "Options." Here you must adjust the rendering and graphics at a low level. This will help the game consume something less battery.

These are all tricks of Super Mario Run we know at the moment, although it is possible that with the passage of days will appear a few others.

What do you think of these tricks for Super Mario Run? Do you know anyone who is not on this list? Share it with us and the rest of the readers in the comments!

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