Luca Todesco launches a Web to re-activate the Jailbreak -


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Friday, 9 December 2016

Luca Todesco launches a Web to re-activate the Jailbreak

In yesterday, Apple released iOS 10.2 beta 7. The Beta 7 could be the Gold Master version (the last one in this version) and the Jailbreak is expected to come as soon as the final version is public, however, this is not yet known.

You can install this update via the company development portal, from the respective update mechanisms that are included in the operating systems. It is worth noting that iOS 10.2 betas are also available for beta testers who have subscribed to the company's testing program.

This same week was released iOS 10.2 Beta 6 and it was expected that this version was the Gold Master or final version before its release to the public, however, Apple came back to surprise as usual with the launch of Beta number 7 where the news Are unknown
From what we have seen in the betas so far, IOS 10.2 includes a lot of improvements, including new emoji, wallpapers, settings and more. Regarding the Jailbreak, it is important to mention that, Luca Todesco warned that iOS 10.2 Beta 6 blocked some vulnerabilities found for a future Jailbreak, so he recommended staying on iOS 10.1.1 in case the Jailbreak is a priority

On the other hand, Luca Todesco has decided to create a website for those who still have the Jailbreak in iOS 9.3.3. The web is able to activate the Jailbreak (as does the Pangu application or any other alternative) for Cydia and installed Tweaks

The good news is that this website does not require certificates like some applications that end up expiring in 7 days or 1 year. If you add the web to the springboard it can be used without internet connection.

Activate your Jailbreak

  • Press Home button and wait for notification
  • Close notification and lock device
  • Activate the screen (just hang)

From this point a respiring will be performed and the Jailbreak will be activated. It only works on 64-bit devices. On the other hand, regarding the Jailbreak of iOS 10 we are expecting; They say that once the final version of iOS 10.2 is released, the Jailbreak will be released (Pangu or another group will not know). It is best to be on iOS 10.1.1 in case you are expecting a future Jailbreak since, if it gets released, there is a possibility that it will be for iOS 10.1.1 and / or earlier versions (unless Apple does not plug vulnerabilities New vulnerabilities are found).

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