Luca Todesco recommends that users do not want to update iOS 10.2 -


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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Luca Todesco recommends that users do not want to update iOS 10.2

Luca Todesco has always been for us to explore and display the existing iOS jailbreak status, but recently found that Apple has continued to launch the iOS 10.2 beta version has been enhanced vulnerability and bug issues, also called for warning to escape users, It is recommended to temporarily stay in iOS 10.1.1, do not upgrade iOS 10.2, to avoid leading to escape.

IOS 10.2 security enhancements

Luca Todesco found Apple for developers to launch iOS 10.2 beta5 version, the version of the amendment in the full lot of bug fixes iOS 10 until today, Apple still continued to launch iOS 10.2 beta6 to fix system errors and security issues, the two beta5 ~ beta6 Apple has not yet been released to the outside world.

IOS 10 jailbreak will be released early?

Apple in recent years to block the escape strategy has been changing, more and more active, as long as the escape of a launch, not a few months later will be fixed, Apple is still the upper hand, in recent months Pangu The team is also a lot of security meetings that Apple is mainly to enhance iOS security and actively patch loopholes, indeed cause iOS security is getting higher and higher, which will lead to escape time to find loopholes will be pulled longer, Jailbreak users is very good news, but for users who want to escape will be a nightmare.

Such as Luca Todesco found in the loopholes and Pangu escaped with the same loopholes, or is the beta version of Apple launched a patch to find the loophole, this time will be the most critical point in time, Pangu in order to avoid jailbreak loopholes waste, will Leading Pangu to speed up the launch of iOS 10.0 ~ iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak tool, if not released or continue to wait for iOS 10.2.x jailbreak in the upgrade is not late.

IOS 10 want to escape the current how to do? It is recommended to upgrade to iOS 10.1.1, follow-up iOS 10.2 launch, do not upgrade the escalation of jailbreak tools can be upgraded.

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