Manage the battery change of your iPhone 6s for free through the Apple website -


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Monday, 5 December 2016

Manage the battery change of your iPhone 6s for free through the Apple website

As we mentioned a few days ago, recently Apple has launched a plan free replacement battery for certain models of iPhone 6s to address unexplained blackouts suffered by the iPhone 6s devices. Apparently, this is an error caused by defective batteries implanted in the iPhone 6s manufactured during September and October 2015 by a particular provider.

Manage the battery change of your iPhone 6s

Remember that to know if your iPhone 6s falls within those terminals susceptible to the problem of sudden power outages, you should look your serial number and verify certain characters, as we show in detail in the post Check if your iPhone 6s enters the program free replacement battery from Apple and then go to your nearest Apple dealer.

But to facilitate the task, Apple has enabled a section on its website that allows you to quickly check and further process the battery replacement process. In both cases, you must know the serial number, either through iTunes or through Settings> General> About.

Preparing your iPhone 6s for delivery to the technical service

If so and your iPhone 6s falls under the replacement program, although not yet has given you problems we recommend that sustituyas, you must prepare your iPhone for service delivery to Apple. To do this, you must prepare it in the following way:

1) Make a backup, either through iCloud or using iTunes.

2) Disable the Find my iPhone from Settings> iCloud and uncheck the option.

3) Finally, restore your terminal factory in Settings> General> Reset and erases the contents and settings.

Once prepared, Apple redirects you to a good authorized provider near your home , which previously recommended that call to streamline the process or contact them directly to be passed to pick up in the coming days.

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