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Friday, 23 December 2016

Mario does not need to be on Android to beat download records

Nintendo is rubbing hands with the success that is having the first game that has developed exclusively for mobile devices. And it is that despite not being garnering rave reviews from users who have already played Super Mario Run was the most anticipated title of the year for iOS and figures reflect this .

On the day of its worldwide release, with about 5 million downloads, he overtook another heavyweight as Pokémon GO , which won about 900,000 downloads in its first day. Also keep in mind that Nintendo released the game simultaneously for 140 countries and the title of Niantic did progressively.

Mario does not need to be on Android to beat download records

In a press release that Nintendo issued last December 21, less than a week after launch, the Japanese company said that its title had exceeded 40 million downloads worldwide. But today, from Nintendo Everything announce that Super Mario Run now exceeds 50 million downloads.

However, they do not specify how many of those millions of users bought the game, although you can try for free, to unlock all the content we pay a price of 9.99 euros. This is perhaps the most controversial point for Nintendo. As the company does not provide figures, we can not have a percentage that tells us retention of players.

In fact, the AppStore is full of negative opinions and critical users who do not find the price of Super Mario Run adequate. But it has been demonstrated the tremendous pull that has the popular plumber Japanese factory, because it has not been necessary to be on Android devices - it seems that could reach them in 2017 - to break records downloads. What touches you is now more complicated: stay up after the initial boom. Do you think he will get it?

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