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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Marketpple, the best app to buy and sell Apple products

Every time Tim Cook comes out to introduce a new product in those so characteristic events that Apple has accustomed us, it is logical that we want to renew our devices. An interesting solution is the sale.

I present the best option for this: Marketpple , the application of purchase Apple products and accessories second hand we were expecting. In this app we can find items like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPod, among others, to give them a second life.

Marketpple, why is it the best app for buying and selling Apple products?

Marketpple is undoubtedly the safest and most reliable app that we can find. And now this application has been designed from the beginning to solve some recurring problems when buying or selling second - hand goods.

Marketpple offers optimized operation and thus give us a service purchase much more comfortable and efficient. It focused on Apple products and accessories used, is the easiest option to buy, sell and publish our ad.

We can do it with great detail without writing anything if you do not want. If we are lazy there is no problem; The only indispensable information is the price. Everything else is predefined so we only have to select from the options. So quick and easy, no fuss , no complications.

Marketpple offers a renewed booking system both the buyer and the seller, so we do not care or personalized dedication we deserve missing. No one can bid for an item that is reserved; A confidence that other applications do not offer.

Also, when we searched get real results, because they are based on our selections instead of being based on descriptions.

Maintain our privacy is one of the strengths of Marketpple. We do not have to create a new user; just ask us for a username and just have our iCloud session started.

To ensure the security of purchases and sales, the app asks for the serial number the seller to the buyer can check on the official website of Apple with just a click on the ad. So Marketpple is synonymous with safety, reliability and trust.

The checkout forms are completely safe, not like other applications that do not guarantee this. You can choose between:

· In hand

· COD-opening package

· PayPal

Marketpple management integrates door to door shipment and a payment gateway with which the app withholds payment until the buyer has received and verified the item, then proceeds with the release of payment.

It also allows the sale in hand, then the ads that are shipping is only visible to users who are in the same province in which is the advertised item.

In Marketpple we can have our circle, we can add all those users who want to return to try and create our personal group.

With this useful feature, we can send everything to our Circle. For example, an instant message every time we publish a new ad so that the users of our personal group know before anyone else and our sale is carried out more quickly.

Predefined communications offer comfort with messages with the maximum amount of information automatically. In addition, all contact between buyers and sellers takes place from Marketpple and we do not need any other app.

Other useful functions are integrated Marketpple:

· Sort the search by selecting a filter such as date, price, proximity, and many more.

· Our ads do not appear in our search results to not interfere.

· Allows highlight our announcement, at a reduced price, and appears in the Highlights section to get more visibility.

· We can choose the option sellers Veto if we are to prevent other users to communicate with us or make us offerings.

· Send text, photos , and predefined phrases from the chat.

· We have our site to favorites, Reservations, our ads, ads in our circle, our chats and notifications. All this organized to make us much clearer.

· Of course, we can rate the user interacted with. This is an essential part of building trust.

But best to discover all these advantages, it is Marketpple try and check in person. To ensure our satisfaction when buying and selling Apple products, this app has just released the biggest update it has made so far.

So it's the best time to, for example, sell that iPad we no longer use and buy an iPhone that we will give much more use. And all with the comfort and security that guarantees Marketpple .

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