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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Masterpass, the service for making digital payments of Mastercard

Mobile payments are the order of the day and more and more users are making purchases online and looking for the convenience of paying in establishments with the mobile. Today we'll talk about Masterpass, a layer of usability that allows you to digital Mastercard payments.

Masterpass allows users to make payments online very quickly and easily, but also very securely. And this functionality eliminates the need for shipping details and card information for each purchase made, providing a better user experience to buyers.

Here we have more details on Masterpass, the new mobile payment solution developed by MasterCard that certainly will not leave you indifferent. Let's go there!

Mobile payments have never been easier thanks to Masterpass

Mastercard has been nothing less than 50 years making it easy for buyers to pay for their purchases, but now it makes online payments easier thanks to Masterpass. This new mobile payment platform will allow you to shop online quickly, easily and securely over 20,000 online shops in Spain and 270,000 worldwide.

Among the most notable features of Masterpass it is offering maximum security when making payments, and that has a multilevel system of international protection of Mastercard and the financial institution of the user. On the other hand, Masterpass allows the user to buy and pay very quickly, without having to fill shipping data or credit card, simply select the "Masterpass" button on the online store and ready.

If you want to start using Masterpass first thing you have to do is contact your bank, where you will provide a key to use. Do not worry, as you will not have to do or hire anything extra, it is completely free. Although it must be said that for the moment in Spain only CaixaBank customers can use Masterpass, but it is expected that more banks will join soon.

As you can see, the new mobile payment service MasterCard is easy and safe to use. Do not forget you can check all information about Masterpass through its official website .

What do you think Masterpass? Would you use it to make your purchases online more easily and safely?

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