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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Meet the AirPods battery change prices

Apple products better resist obsolescence competition without a doubt, and that are made to last. However they have a great weakness: its battery. While in the case of Macs we can control the life cycle of your battery, in the case of the recently launched AirPods is not.

And is that if newly purchased have a range of only 5 hours , it is expected that if we give much use your battery runs deteriorate to not be too useful. For this reason, Apple has chosen to update its maintenance price list by adding the cost of replacing the batteries of the AirPods.

As you can see in the picture, Apple has included rates of one of the most requested services: battery change, especially given the many problems of its gadgets calibration, the inability to remove ourselves or just their tendency to explode. The truth is that we are grateful to have an initial budget for battery replacement, especially on AirPods and iPhone.

According to its website, the battery replacement both iPhone as AirPods under warranty at a cost of $ 0 - is important to remember that the warranty period , Apple is solely one year - or by the AppleCare program. But if we are out of warranty, the cost of battery replacement is $ 49 for AirPods and $ 79 for the iPhone respectively, also having an additional fee for sending the iPhone.

The first question that comes to mind is: Will the AppleCare AirPods their own or be integrated with other devices such as the iPhone, iPod or iPad? Will it create a kind of AppleCare + that includes accessories? It should be noted that the protection plan for Mac include the AirPorts router, yes, if you had purchased up to two years before your Mac or during the AppleCare period.

One thing is clear: with 5 hours of battery life and price not inconsiderable 179 euros, users who acquire will be to give intensive, so many of them end up changing the battery of AirPods - with a range longer By itself short - or valued acquiring an AppleCare plan.

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