Messenger for iOS is updated and adds video chat capability in groups -


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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Messenger for iOS is updated and adds video chat capability in groups

After enabling the call audio group in the Messenger app with support for up to 50 participants, Facebook today launched the ability to group video in its popular messaging service. The ability to video chat in groups is the most requested feature in Messenger. The feature is available today from iOS / Android and the desktop version of the messaging service.

To activate group chat in a face-to-face conversation, you must touch the new video icon at the top right of the screen. All members of the group will be notified that you have started a video chat and each person can join if they wish.

You can also call directly only a few people or the entire group.

Group video chat supports up to six people at a time, although there may be up to 50 participants who can listen and join the chat via voice or on camera.

And here's how the group video chat in Messenger works:

While a video group chat is done, you can use video filters like Snapchat (this feature will be launched soon Android) that the chamber Messenger joined earlier this month along with stickers, frames, masks, filters and other special effects .

If you have not seen the new features of the Messenger camera, here is a video:

According to Facebook, it has 245 million people who perform video calls in Messenger each month.

You can download Facebook Messenger for free from the App Store to test the latest features. Step-by-step implementation means that not all Messenger users will have this feature at the same time, so you should check for yourself if you can already do video chat with Messenger.

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