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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Netflix vs HBO vs Amazon Prime Video: What is the best video service?

Yesterday came to our screens big news: Amazon Prime Video, the video on demand service Amazon finally reached Spain , in order to stand up to Netflix, and even rookie HBO Spain .

With the launch of this service in Spain, the great interest in American content providers have in the Spanish market is evident again. And in this country, we have been able to appreciate the advantages that services of this type offer us, especially not having to enter pages of dubious reliability to see our favorite series.

Today, we bring CydiaPlus a comparison between these three video services, so that if you have money problems or simply want to not buy the three subscriptions at once, you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Shall we begin?

The contents, its main complaint

Something we all know, is that the main bulwark of these demand video services is none other than its original content. Those series or films co-produced by the platform, or brought to Spain exclusively. This is really the deciding point of your decision, or at least it should be.

In this case, we find a fierce battle for having the best original productions, and thanks to that, we find gems like Westworld Game of Thrones or in the case of HBO Spain; House of Cards or Jessica Jones on Netflix; and Transparent or Mozart in the Jungle in the case of Amazon Prime Video, among many other great productions.

All platforms have a good catalog of original content, which will depend on our tastes choosing one or the other. However, the thing is completely different in the rest of non-original content, and is that Netflix has a wide advantage, so that not even HBO with its series catalog can still approach.

The platform, the software that supports and presents the content

In this case, things are somewhat clearer, since it is not available on the Apple TV even though the app Amazon Prime Video is the most advanced of the three, for its compatibility with the HDR technology in phones, the moment.

For this reason, if you use Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, your best choice is with Netflix, HBO differing from Spain in terms of functionality of offline use, and multiple users, and a more advanced recommendation engine.

The price, is it really worth it?

Pricewise, to December 15, 2016, we move between the ranges of 7.99 euros to 20 euros. With a special case, that of Amazon. And, for the moment, Amazon Prime Video is available for a price of 20 euros per year, something that clearly differentiates it from its competitors. In addition, this fee includes all other Amazon Premium benefits, such as free 1-day shipping, or the benefits of the Twitch retransmission service, among others.

In the case of Netflix, we have three different options, which vary in viewing quality, and number of devices capable of reproducing content simultaneously. The most basic, it costs 7.99 euros per month, and allows us to view content in SD, in one device. The next option, offers HD quality in up to two devices simultaneously for 9.99 euros per month. Finally, we have the Premium for 11.99 euros per month option, with up to four devices in those quality UHD content and devices in which it is available.

Finally, HBO Spain offers us a unique subscription option. For 7,99 euros per month will have access to its entire catalog on up to two devices simultaneously, with HD quality. That said, we assess which is the option that offers more related content to our tastes, and for that, we can make use of the free 30 - day trial that we provide the three services.

With this, it only remains to choose what we want to see. Which series / movie will you enjoy first?

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