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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Niantic vs Apple and Nintendo: The reason for the delay of Pokémon GO for Apple Watch

Not long ago I talked about how the release of Pokémon GO Apple Watch was being questioned because of various rumors, which were reinforced by the proximity to the start of the new year, time for which they should have launched the app. However, Niantic Labs confirmed through its official twitter that development continued, so that all fears were allayed.

Or so it seemed, because it still does not seem to be too clear when we'll see the app on our wrists. And all have a good explanation, or at least that's what indicated from 9to5Mac , which today have taught some of the Niantic has prepared plans, which would be the cause of the delays that are suffering the application.

Niantic is developing its own wearables for its games

Apparently, everything revolves around an upcoming announcement of Niantic Labs, which announce a special edition of Evolution Nex smart bracelet, whose image has been filtered by 9to5Mac, designed to work with the first game company, Ingress. This bracelet would allow you to interact in an easier way with the augmented reality of this game, without having to use the mobile, in the style of the Pokémon GO Plus.

However, this does not end here, as they would also working to develop other specific version for the game Pokémon GO, and this is where you really begin problems, and that would hurt both sales Pokémon GO Plus, as the Possible sales that can be given by the fact that Pokémon GO is available in Apple Watch (there will be).

Niantic looking for independence again

It is curious, at the very least, that Niantic decides suddenly to start making decisions like this, after the success of Pokémon GO. Not many years ago, Niantic was owned by Alphabet / Google, and with them they developed the game Ingress. Following this development, they decided to become independent of its parent, in order to develop "other projects" (Pokémon GO).

Now, it seems that they have again come under the control of The Pokémon Company, and this does not seem to be doing very well. Maybe they're trying to regain the freedom that both craved initially to take the most appropriate decisions for their games.

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