Nintendo puts our teeth to the test with this Super Mario Run ad -


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Nintendo puts our teeth to the test with this Super Mario Run ad

Which undoubtedly is the most anticipated game of the year: Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone, it has a new ad. And is that the guys from Nintendo are enjoying the countdown and rewarding their followers with doses of Super Mario Run to eyedropper. A few days ago allowed the fans to prove their Super Mario Run just approaching any Apple Store , now also they launched an incredible announcement that you can not miss.

In the announcement, which lasts two long minutes, we see several people running through different locations throughout the world, making typical gestures of the world's most famous plumber and finally, our beloved and iconic Mario leading the crowd to the flag. All a wink to fans and nostalgic.

Thursday December 15 will see the Super Mario Run light for IOS, we already know enough details of their controls for touch devices, game modes, controls, and more, as we have been bringing these months through post Everything you need to know about Super Mario Run for iOS .

Lately there has been released a couple of details that have sparked controversy: although you can play for free, the game contains in-app purchases, so if you want to enjoy all levels and characters will have to make a single payment of 9.99 euros , a price that has created ampoules estimated oriented expensive for iPad and iPhone game.

Likewise, it has also smarting you have to play it online on the internet at all times , a ploy theoretically designed to curb piracy that they are expected to come up as soon decides to extend Android, but has angered users, especially so Are going to suffer our data rates.

Missing four days to the release of Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone, Can you support them or do you also go out to the street running to buy it ?

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