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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nintendo talks about the additional content of Super Mario Run

After all the hype caused huge Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone was released last Thursday achieving unprecedented success. Its acquisition of free allows us to enjoy the first three levels of six worlds , while the disbursement of 10 euros gives access to the full game. Although Super Mario Run has to be always played with internet , some avid players have already devoured the new New Mario completely and launch a cry: Will there be additional material?

Despite the numerous downloads, it is said that revenues reported are not as high as initially expected. And it is that in-app purchase Super Mario Run for 10 euros to unlock higher levels, but perhaps its buying strategy is not as lucrative as the Pokémon Go .

So some point out that Nintendo is planning to provide additional content to make the game something more juicy and beneficial to the Japanese company. Nothing is further from reality: Nintendo has ensured that no further material Super Mario Run for IOS, or free or payment.

That is, except for some oriented solve the bugs that have arisen or are appearing update - such as the server crashes increasing the already high consumption of data - Nintendo will not release anything new.

So dear players: you have to enjoy sparingly 12 -15 hours that promises Super Mario Run, improve overcoming our levels of individual game and if you have acquired complete, compete with rivals to grab the Toads, because there will be more Super Mario Run.

Yes, cool because Nintendo is planning to launch more games for iOS. Many already relamemos us to the possibility of a Mario Kart on our iPhone and iPad.

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