Play Super Mario Run with the command of NES and SNES on your iPhone -


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Monday, 19 December 2016

Play Super Mario Run with the command of NES and SNES on your iPhone

The video game industry is becoming more relevant and advanced, and it is difficult not to feel old when trying to compare the controller of the PlayStation 4 with that of the Super Nintendo. But that's not bad, because it is always good to remember the history of digital entertainment experiences that preceded the current games.

But why stay alone with the memory, when you can feel like you play with the SNES or the NES? The first Super Mario games were fine, but with Super Mario Run already on the street, why do we have to settle for playing the classics to enjoy the retro controls? Bring Super Mario Run the command that you loved so much, among many other iOS games, with these Bluetooth commands that we present today.

NES30 Pro

This control designed by the company 8Bitdo, is on sale on Amazon for 39.99 euros and brings a close to the original NES controller design, adding more ergonomics with its round shape and joysticks. While it is not the rectangular knob we all remember and love, its colors will bring us the same memories to our memory, although this time, we will not have to be glued to the television thanks to its Bluetooth technology.

SNES30 Pro

Again, we find a command designed by 8Bitdo, however, yes we can see how in this case yes it is a very similar to the original SNES device, with the same button layout and both American version as Japanese. You will be able to find it here for 32,99 euros.

Take advantage of buying them now, sure to be the perfect gift for many of you. And there is no better way to return to childhood or youth, remembering those games that marked us, and with these controls to our iPhone or iPad, we can finally do it. Also, I have no doubt that the records of Super Mario Run will fall like flies with these fantastic accessories.

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