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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pokémon GO, downhill and without brakes: Falls in the lists of the App Store

The announcement of a completely new game, brought by The Pokémon Company and by an old acquaintance in the world of the games of augmented reality, Niantic Labs, appeared a little more than a year ago. In the middle of this year, we finally witnessed the launch of such an innovative proposal, and the response was overwhelming. It was.

The world Nintendo introduced us in that first video presentation, was a completely different game that we received this year, and realized in the same release. It was too nice to be true, unfortunately for our little heart "gamer".

Pokémon GO sinks in the download lists

Gradually, we have seen how success has become a failure, at least in the aspect of retaining game players. And that is that although millions of users were captivated by the universe of Pokémon, Niantic failed to retain the vast majority of these players. The mechanics of the game became more and more boring and monotonous.

And now we are seeing the consequences that are causing. The game has fallen hopelessly in the list of successes of the App Store, heralding a very dark future for the game in the hit series of fantastic creatures. Nothing seems able to save him, not even the launch of its app for Apple Watch .

Niantic, and especially Nintendo, should learn from this

Clearly, at this point, the only thing they have left the companies responsible for the development of Pokémon GO is to learn from the mistakes they have made. I speak especially of Nintendo, which seems to be pulling a similar strategy with other franchises of its own. Putting a poor game and taking advantage of your brand to make it a success will not always work.

So much appreciated that I have both companies, I sincerely hope that they are able to recognize that they have not done well, especially in terms of managing user expectations. For his sake, and for the industry.

And you, you still have hopes in Pokémon GO?

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