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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Pokemon GO for Apple Watch could arrive very soon

One of the games of the year was undoubtedly Pokémon GO. Although in recent months it has experienced a significant decrease in active users, in summer he managed to go out to millions of people, and that alone has made history.

During the last keynote Sept. 7, in which Apple introduced the iPhone in July and Apple Watch Series 2 , there was a gap for this title. Niantic, the company in charge of development, announced the release of Pokémon GO for Apple Watch and even made a small demonstration.

Pokemon GO for Apple Watch could arrive very soon

Since it was announced, the arrival of Pokémon GO to Apple Watch has not been free of rumors and one of the reasons for the delay could be that Niantic seeks its independiencia by developing their own wearables for games.

In fact, the latest information discarded this release, but a few days ago Niantic Labs confirmed that continue with the development of the adaptation of the game for Apple Watch. The company did it through the official account of Pokémon GO on Twitter, as you see below:

 Pokémon GO ✔ @PokemonGoApp
Pokémon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned.

In addition to confirmation by Niantic, there is another detail that indicates the arrival of the game to Apple's watches. And the code of the app version for Android has been analyzed and flaked to detail. In it they were disclosed a few lines that refer to implementation in watchOS, the operating system of Apple Watch.

As stated in the middle Apple Insider , the code of the latest version includes numerous references to aspects of the interface and interactions with smart watches Apple.

So far there is no indication on Android Wear support, and there is no confirmation from the company that is working to adapt the game to watches with that system.

In any case, the references indicate that very soon we could see how it lands Pokémon GO to Apple Watch. Will you train your Pokémon from your clocks?

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