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Friday, 23 December 2016

Pokemon GO on Apple Watch

This September Apple told us that Pokémon GO was coming to our Apple Watch to provide us with the task of capturing Pokémon as we walk. Despite rumors saying that the adaptation of this app would not reach our Apple Watch and learn that Niantic is working on its own wereables.

The company has finally released Pokémon GO for our watches bitten apple. The version that will make us not need to go like zombies through the streets watching our iPhone.

Pokémon GO on Apple Watch 

The application for the Apple Watch is not a complete version of the game, as expected, but it lets you interact with the game on the street without the need to remove the iPhone game all the time.

Allowing you to focus on the exercise seeks to promote the game, letting you know when a Pokémon is close or PokéParada to bring out your iPhone and give it everything.

What can I do in Pokémon GO for Apple Watch?

You can log into your session Pokémon GO for iPhone, receive notifications of Pokémon nearby, counting steps taken while incubas eggs and candy to get your partner Pokémon. In addition, you'll receive notifications of nearby PokéParadas and you can pick up your items without removing the iPhone.

You will be warned when the eggs are opened or received achievements.

All this will allow you to really get the exercise that seeks to do playing this game, and can enhance buying Apple Watch for enthusiasts Pokémon GO ... we can not doubt that this app is a great extension of the user experience on this game . Something that more than one company should consider for their games.

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