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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pokémon GO receives the first two Pokémon of the second generation, in addition to a limited edition

A few months ago created a fever Pokémon GO unprecedented in the world of applications, with such overwhelming success that saturated Niantic servers, the company responsible for the development, not expecting such a good host. But the fact is that now the challenge for Nintendo and Niantic is to keep the interest of users, because its title augmented reality has been dropped sharply after the initial boom.

That is why in recent months have come with new updates, such as the partner Pokémon to facilitate the collection of candy, or daily bonuses that reward players enter the application regularly. There is even a wearable, bracelet Pokémon GO Plus , supplementing the adventure of being a coach in the most advanced in the twentieth year saga that title.

As expected by the players is undoubtedly the "big update" will bring 100 new Pokémon of the second generation , as revealed in the application code. It seems that this new batch of creatures has not yet landed, but today small surprises come.

Pokémon GO, two new Pokémon and a limited edition

Since its launch, Pokémon GO has the copies of the first generation of the saga. Well, not all, because Mew and Mewtwo are missing, the last of the Pokédex, as well as the legendary Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. The particular Ditto appeared recently in an update. As I mentioned, the arrival of the Pokémon belonging to the second generation is expected , ie the Gold and Silver titles.

They have not yet arrived and is expected to do so over the coming months, but today we can find the first two Pokémon of the second generation: Pichu and Togepi, we can get by the eggs, as shown in the video.

Furthermore, according to the message that the Pokémon GO team published in the official website of the game , from today until December 29 it will be possible to find the iconic Pikachu limited edition hat with a festive season. It seems that Niantic is already taking the steps that the players so much crave, hopefully they will not take long to incorporate more news.

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